Brennisteinsalda (Sulphur waves) is one of these colored mountains (technically a volcano) close to Landmannalaugar which gives a name of the area – the rainbow mountains. It is a favourite foal for many looking for a relatively easy still interesting hike in the area. For those of you looking for maybe a bil longer trek, you can add an ascent to Bláhnúkur and make it a doable day hike.

How to find – and conquer – Brennisteinsalda:

Brennisteinsalda is easy to reach in less than 2 hours from Landmannalaugar. Simply follow the Laugarvegur trail and you cannot miss it!

GPS coordinates of Brennisteinsalda: 63.980082, -19.095232 Take me there!

Photos of (and from) the Brennisteinsalda mountain: