Alta canyon – Sautso – Čávžu

Sautso Canyon, also called Alta Canyon or Chavžu Canyon, is the largest canyon in northern Europe. It is about 12 kilometres long and up to 420 metres deep and was excavated by the Alta River.

The traditional way to it starts at the parking lot made of huge stones, which you will find about 5 kilometers from the settlement of Gargia and an unpaved road will lead you to it, the asphalt road ends in the settlement of Gargia.

From the parking lot it is about 6 miles to the canyon rim on easy, flat, terrain. Only in one place you need to cross a larger stream, but you can jump over the stones. The last section of the trail is a relatively steep descent.

The Sautso Canyon, as big as it is, is impressive and fascinating, be careful where you step when moving in the area, you definitely don’t want to fall down a few hundred meters.