Briksdalsbreen is one of the most accessible and popular glacier glaciers in Norway, not least because the whole environment and surroundings are exceptionally beautiful.

To get to the glacier, which starts here (GPS: 61.663158, 6.822658), you can either use your own feet or take the tourist train. The path will take you past the Kleivafossen waterfall and besides a nice walk you will see several information signs indicating in what year the glacier ended. On the opposite hills you will see the Volefossen waterfall.

The size of the Briksdalsbreen glacial outwash has been highly variable over the last 100 years, often retreating and growing in the opposite direction to other glaciers in the area or the world in general. Until 20 years ago, the glacier extended all the way to the glacial lake from where people come to see the glacier, so let’s hope Briksdalsbreen comes back and doesn’t disappear behind the rock face.