Dalgångsstugan i Konga

In 1859, Håkan Sunesson moved to the area with his family to work as a labourer in the ironworks.
Since he and his family had no place to live, he solved his housing situation by hollowing out a house up the hill. This was a common solution at that time for people who did not have the means to build their own house, it was enough to dig a hole in the slope, add a few planks, put a roof, put a window and a door and the house was ready. The back of the house, which consisted of dirt in the hill, was also a good insulator for the harsh winters.
It was supposed to be a temporary solution, but in the end his daughter lived her entire 75-year life here.
The house can be found on the outskirts of the village of Konga on the shores of Lake Krokfjorden.