At 1,883 metres, Gaustatoppen is the highest point in Vestfold og Telemark. The views from the top are beautiful and it is said that you can see about 20% of Norway from here. The hike is of medium difficulty, it is more of a long climb with only a few unpleasant places, some of which you will find out that the path is a bit off and you went unnecessarily more complicated than necessary.

Just below the summit, literally just a few metres up, is the Gaustatoppen turisthytte, as well as the top station of the cable car. If you don’t need to climb to the very top at any cost, be satisfied with this place, the last few hundred metres (and only a few dozen metres in height) are otherwise the most challenging of the whole trip.

In the winter months, Gaustatoppen is a popular winter resort. The hike, or rather run, up the Gaustatoppen is also part of and the goal of probably the toughest triathlon in the world – the Norseman Triathlon.

The starting point is usually the Stavsro car park.