Grytetippen is one of the peaks on the island of Senja. Touristically it is a little brother of the nearby Keipen peak. This one offers slightly better views, but honestly, the views from the top of Grytetippen won’t disappoint either.

There are several options for the exit ( 69.475931, 17.741109) or from the tunnel car park (69.474998,17.695591), the following description of the exit describes this option.

The first few hundred metres are on a grassy and rocky surface. These are wet even after a few days without rain, if it rains you will literally be wading through mud here.

After about 700 metres you will reach a fork from where you can go to the Keipen (and Grytetippen) mountain on the right or the Barden on the left. There are already beautiful views of the Fjord and the surrounding mountains.

There are two other parts, the first is a steeper climb, but it’s well-trodden and there are only a few places where you have to grab your hands or armor yourself against vertigo.

The next few hundred metres is easy and even partly downhill.

After that you have to climb up to the saddle between the Keipen and Grytetippen mountains, walking on stones or on a very steep slope covered with grass.

In the saddle the path splits and to the left you will find the final, not so difficult, climb to the top of Grytetippen (towards the right only a slightly more difficult climb to the top of Keipen mountain).