Keipen (Senja)

Keipen will offer you some of the most beautiful views on the island of Senja, if you are in the area, Kaipen is still, along with Mount Segla, the place you really want to go.

A popular starting point is the car park in front of the tunnel (69.474998,17.695591), but there are more options in the area (e.g. 69.475931, 17.741109).

A large part of the route is common to both Keipen and Grytetippen and you can do both peaks in a day. If you are confident in only one, then choose Keipen.

The first few hundred metres of the ascent to Keipen are on a grassy and rocky surface. These are wet even after a few days without rain, if it rains you will literally be wading through mud here. After about 700 metres you will reach a fork from where you can go to Mount Keipen on the right or Barden on the left. Already from here there are beautiful views of Ørnfjorden and the surrounding mountains.
Two parts of the first steeper climb, but it’s well-trodden and there are only a few places where you’ll have to grab your hands and armor yourself against vertigo.
The next few hundred metres is easy and leads even partly downhill, which the mountaineers of course do not like, because they know that this elevation has to be climbed again.
Then you will climb up to the saddle between the Keipen and Grytetippen mountains, here you can choose between the rocky or the very steep grass-covered slope.

At the saddle the road splits and the top of Mount Keipen awaits you heading to the right. This one is a bit more challenging than the opposite Grytetippen, but the views are worth it!

From the top of Keipen there are magnificent 360° views of the landscape and you can see all the mountains you could climb in the future, Hesten, Segla… or just opposite Grytetippen.