Kirkenes is an Arctic town in the far northeast of Norway. If you think it’s only far north, know that it’s also far east, at the same longitude as, for example, the Czech Republic. Kiev. Kirkenes was only granted town status in 1998 and currently has a population of around 4,000 people.

The street names in Kirkenes are bilingual, in addition to Norse, also in Russian, as there is a large Russian minority in Kirkenes.

Usually, on the last Thursday of the month, a Russian market is held in Kirkenes, when people from Murmansk and the surrounding area come to sell their goods.

Kirkenes is also the northern end of the E6 road, which runs through much of Norway and then continues on to the Swedish port of Trelleborg. This road, like all roads, continues to Rome.

The famous Norwegian coastal route Hurtigruten also has its northern end in the port.