Kjeragbolten is undoubtedly the most famous boulder in Norway, as if by accidentally thrown up and stuck above a chasm almost a kilometer deep (if you love numbers, it’s down exactly 984 meters). The path leads here on bare giant stones, if it is dry, the path is moderately difficult, but in wet weather it is only very difficult to walk or completely impassable, along the steeper climbs there are chains embedded in the rocks. On sunny days, you won’t find shade on the way, so bring plenty of water and if you slather on a layer of sunscreen, you won’t regret it.

From the car park at Øygardstøl you can walk to Kjeragbolten and drive for about 6-7 hours. If you need to save money on parking fees (where the parking fee goes towards the maintenance of the road to Kjeragbolten), then you can park about 1500 metres below the summit and walk up here on foot. You can easily add up and calculate the journey yourself.

Believe it or not, no one has crashed to certain death from Kjeragbolten yet, so don’t change that statistic.