Martuljški slap II.

II. Martuljški slap, or also Zgornji Martuljkov slap, is a waterfall on the upper reaches of the Martuljška Bistrica River. The 48-meter high waterfall you can see is only the third of the jumps of this waterfall. The first one is 34 meters, the second one is 14 meters and neither of these jumps is visible when you look at it. Then there is a 5 meter jump, which is already partially visible.

The journey from the village of Gozd Martuljek is about 3.5 kilometres long, takes about 90 minutes one way and reaches an altitude of 410 metres. Similar to the path to I Martuljski slap, the most difficult part of the path is at the end, where the path is steep and there is a metal rope on the side.

Just in front of the waterfall is a metal bridge over the Martuljška Bistrica River; if the bridge is damaged after the spring snow melt, it will be impossible to reach the waterfall.