Mykines (island)

Mykines is the westernmost island of the Faroe Islands. Although it is not possible to get here with dry feet and it is quite difficult to get here, the island of Mykines is still worth a visit. You will of course find beautiful Faroese nature, but here spiced up with plenty of nesting birds with colonies of terriers and puffins.

The first way to get here is by passenger ferry, which you can take from Sørvágur. The ferry only comes here in summer and if there are strong currents in the sea, it doesn’t go at all. This means that if you are still on Vágar Island, you will not get here. And if you’re already on the island of Mykines, you can’t get out of here. One or two day outages are not uncommon here. If you don’t want to spend the night on the island and plan well, you can take the morning ferry to Mykines and the afternoon/evening ferry back.

The second way to get here, and the only way during the winter months, is by helicopter. In this case, you can fly here in 9 minutes directly from Vagar International Airport. And the journey alone is an experience. Here you can e.g.  combine one trip to Mykines by boat and the other by helicopter. Please note that the timetable does not allow you to fly to Mykines and back in one day.

There is also a village of the same name on the island, where some so many permanent residents still live.