The main waterfall on the Rybnica River is popularly called Marlon B. It is a 15 m high waterfall on the Ribnica River on a rocky background.

From the village of Srednja Vas, you will take a half-hour walk through the forest upstream of the Ribnica River with an elevation gain of about 100 metres. Already on the way you can see several small waterfalls in the riverbed. The Rybnica waterfalls consist of two waterfalls, the first one is about 10 metres high, it is less accessible and is called the Extraterrestrial.

In the village, parking is difficult to impossible, the alternative is to leave the car in this complicated place (GPS: 46.298646,13.922462) and walk down past the local viewpoint to the village Srednja Vas and then continue to the Ribnica waterfalls.