Risin and Kellingin

Risin (the Giant) and Kellingin (the Witch) are two massive cliffs 68 and 68 metres high respectively. 71 metres off the north coast of Eysturoy Island near Eiði.

Of course, Risin and Kellingin are not just ordinary rocks. They are the Giant and the Witch, Icelandic trolls who were sent to bring the Faroe Islands to Iceland. They chose this place for this task because they wanted to use the mountain Eiðiskollur to attach a rope behind it. But when they started pulling, a piece of the mountain broke off.

And as it usually happens in these stories, they got no further, the sun came out and the trolls Giant and Witch (Risin and Kellingin) were petrified. And they’ve been in the seas here ever since.

The cliffs are best seen either from the bay at Tjørnuvík or from the viewpoint on the road between Eiði and Gjógv.

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