Rjukanfossen (Rjukan)

Rjukanfossen Waterfall is a 105-metre high beautiful waterfall on the Måna River just a few kilometres from the beautiful town of Rjukan. Rjukanfossen has a very interesting history for two reasons.

This is probably the first travel fake news, when explorer and geologist Jens Esmark named it as the highest waterfall in the world, making it a very popular tourist destination for explorers from literally all over Europe.

The second interesting fact is that the waterfall was illuminated in 1900 after the construction of a local hydroelectric power station. With the influx of tourism, there was also a hotel nearby that had an electrically-lit Villiard gambling hall.

Due to the regulation of the water flow after the construction of the power plant, the waterfall is probably not as powerful as it would have been without it, but it is still a beautiful natural scenery that you should not miss during your trip to Norway. However, there may be little or no water flowing through the site due to low reservoir levels.