The largest lake in the Faroe Islands has two names, Sørvágsvatn is used by the inhabitants of Sørvágur and by those living further west. On the other hand, the name Leitisvatn is preferred by all those who live east of Sørvágur (and there is a large majority of them in Faerie). However, you will still come across the name Sørvágsvatn.

Lake Sørvágsvatn/Leitisvatn can be found on Vágar Island, it lies at an altitude of 40 m above sea level and flows into the Atlantic Ocean at its southern end, where the water spills over the edge of the cliff directly into the ocean to form the Bøsdalafossur waterfall. If you fly to the Faroe Islands by plane, you’ll probably overshoot it shortly before landing, as Vágar International Airport’s landing strip is just a few hundred metres from the shore of Sørvágsvatn.

Sørvágsvatn is certainly the most popular lake in the Faroe Islands and a popular and easy trek to Trælanípan cliff runs along its shores. From this point you can see the lake at a quite extraordinary angle and it appears to be levitating over the ocean. It is located at a height of approx. 40 m above sea level, and looking out from the Trælanípan cliff you can see both the ocean surface and the lake Sørvágsvatn close to it. And this creates an interesting optical illusion.
On the southern shore, the lake flows into the Atlantic Ocean to form the Bøsdalafossur waterfall.

Near the road you will find a depiction of the mythical creature/monster Nix.