Vettisfossen is one of Norway’s tallest waterfalls and the tallest of those waterfalls that are completely unregulated by a waterworks, and given that it’s located in Jotunheimen National Park, it has a good chance of holding its own. The height of 275 meters even gets Vettisfossen to 284. It is also interesting because it is a complete free fall.

For many waterfalls, the presence of people is used during the photo shoot to give the waterfall some scale. This makes no sense at the height of Vettisfossen, because the human dimension is completely lost here. To at least partially imagine and create some scale, notice the trees above the waterfall.

Vettisfossen can be found in the Utladalen valley and can be admired both from above and below. Both views can be reached from the parking lot at Hjellefossen, where the path to the lower viewpoint goes all the way upstream of the Utla River, and you can turn off at the upper viewpoint and follow the signs. If you only go down, you can expect the trip to take 2 and a half hours, up it takes half an hour longer (and there is a 300 meter elevation gain). If you want to enjoy Vettisfossen and the whole beautiful waterfall valley Utladalen, then it’s a good idea to book a whole day, it’s worth it!