Vøringsfossen is certainly one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Norway. It is 182 metres high and its monumentality is added to by the whole environment of the Måbødalen valley. The waterfall begins with a kind of rock split of the Bjoreio River, then the water rushes down a narrow channel and finally follows an almost free fall down the rocks of the canyon.

You can admire the Vøringsfossen waterfall from every possible angle. There are many beautiful views of the waterfall above the canyon, and you can also go to the waterfall and see Vøringsfossen from below if you go upstream of the Bjoreio River in the Måbødalen valley.The newly built stairs over Vøringsfossen are a very unusual sight and experience.

Many paths, steps and viewpoints have been built throughout the Vøringsfossen waterfall area in recent years. All this increases the comfort and safety of visitors, but the place loses its rawness. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the places you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Scandinavia, even if you have to drive a few hundred kilometres!

Just be really careful here, especially in the evening. The railings in front of the canyon aren’t everywhere and it’s 200 meters down into the canyon, so keep that in mind. Especially if you come here in the evening and the visibility is already reduced, you really cannot survive a fall from here.