Segla is an iconic mountain on the Norwegian island of Senja. From one side it looks like a shark’s fin and from the other side, when viewed from Mount Hesten, like a massive rock jutting out into space. The ascent to Senja starts at the car park in the village of Fjordgård.

The first 500m or so climb from the car park is an easy path through low forest.
The 2nd part of the ascent leads through the interglacial stones on the clay base. you’ll reach a place called Heia, where you’ll get a view of the other side. Well, you have enough here, you don’t have to go any further because 95% of what Segla offers you will see from here.
The 3rd part of the climb is the steepest, it is about 800 meters long, you will climb between bigger rocks and be careful if there are people above you to avoid falling on some rocks. The ascent is steep but there are no complicated sections in the first 50 metres you will find out how you are doing and if you climb the first 50 metres you will even reach the top of Segla mountain.
From the top of Segla you can enjoy beautiful views of the surrounding mountains … and of course, be sure to look down very carefully because below you will be a 693-meter deep abyss.